Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st

We are back from our 8th (I think) trip to Ann Arbor/Chelsea in the last 3 months. Today Steve had a different procedure done on his nerve hoping to calm the omnipresent headache. We won't know for several weeks if this procedure worked. Waiting is difficult--it seems like that is all we have been doing this year so far. From the hospitalization in Jan/Feb to the trips for tests and procedures--waiting. Right now his right side is relatively pain-free. However it is difficult to tell with the left side being very painful. Today's procedure should eliminate or lessen the pain on the left side. We are hopeful but not too excited yet.

It is becoming very wearing on both of us. I have changed so many appointments, missed classes and social events because of this crazy schedule we have had. It is difficult for me to express my weariness to him because it just makes him feel worse. I have really never had to deal with a long process such as this and my heart goes out to him for the pain and suffering he is dealing with.

Right now I am waiting to pick up Heidi from her downtown class. She only has 5 sessions left and is grumbling a bit about it. However, she is learning a lot and is enjoying viewing some of the films shown.

I have a busy week coming up--appointments, cropping (yea), breakfast and shopping. Sometimes it is good to be busy but right now I need a day or two with no one around and nothing I have to do. Renewal of the spirit and mind--