Friday, November 13, 2009

Overwhelmed in a good way

The holiday season is coming up and though we really have a low key time around our house there is still some stress. But not really, we only have one child who will be 19 by then and no other family gifts to buy or cookies to bake or meals to make or entertaining to do. So why do I feel overwhelmed. It's my obsession with learning new things about scrapbooking and making my pages better. I have signed up for so many on-line classes this year and have not finished one of them yet. I still want to finish them but which one first. Unfortunately, I am also a procrastinator.
I can get so easily distracted by this lovely computer, that I don't get busy doing more creative things. My resolution for the upcoming year is not to take another class until I complete the ones I have. It is crazy to keep stockpiling PDF files and filling 3 ring notebooks with them and never use them. Every Friday I will post a progress report. Wish me luck!

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