Friday, January 1, 2010


After some discussion about how this year is pronounced-two thousand ten or twenty-ten, the second one twenty ten seems to be the most desired. Anyway, welcome to 2010. I, for one, am glad last year is over--there were a couple of big rough spots and I am glad they are behind me.

I have so many goals for this year that already I am feeling overwhelmed. I need to analyze my time better and make sure I get the things done that I want done and have peace about the rest.

Here is my hefty list--

1. Finish all my on-line classes. Believe me this is huge!!

2. Blog on a regular basis-at least once a week but I would like to do this daily.

3. Get serious about my health--exercise, eat right, control diabetes better.

4. Attempt to have a positive and happy attitude about life. It makes it so much easier to get out and accomplish these goals.

5. Join a Red Hat club in the area.

6. Organize my personal scrapbooks and decide what is important to scrapbook.

7. Organize my spaces--this may take all year and I am all right with that.

8. Love my family by showing them love in various non-food related ways.

9. Buy a headboard for our bed.

10. Get house painted?

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