Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Blahs

It seems in my family we suffer from the Sunday blahs. Steve is always very tired and likes to nap a lot on Sunday. When Heidi is home her preference is to sleep too. I get up late and usually take all morning waking up, reading the Sunday paper, using the computer, etc. I used to try very hard to get them interested in some sort of family activity but I have pretty much given up. I get through Sundays by doing a lot of scrapping and putzing around. Before retirement, I really hated Sundays because most of the time, I really did not like going back to work on Monday. Now that I have gotten over trying to be a social director, they are better. In fact, I usually look forward to having the house back to myself on Monday. Not this Monday though-the kid is home for another week:)

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