Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2 Fourth of July Weekend

I am having such a hard time lately staying focused on anything. I finally spent the last hour and a half cleaning my scrap desk (still not done) and walking on the treadmill. I need to go eat shortly--I am behind on my calories and water today. My niece Sara has come for the next day or two to visit with Heidi--that's great--it keeps her busy and not bugging me for things to do. She made her first trip to D&W today to shop-mostly for her and Sara but she picked up few things for the house. She was extremely disappointed in her paint job in her bathroom-I am sure Steve will clean things up for her tonight. It really wasn't too bad but they are both perfectionists. We don't have any plans so far for the fourth. I am going back now to cleaning after dinner.

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