Sunday, July 11, 2010

My weigh in was yesterday and I lost 5.6 for a total of 13.4 in two weeks. I am very happy with this. I have not felt hungry or too deprived on this Very Low Calorie Diet of 800-900 calories a day. I see a doctor with this program every week for a while and then every other week later in the 12 week program. There is blood work every two weeks so I feel confident that my health is being monitored. We also have a one hour group meeting each week. Yesterday we did different types of exercise for balance, strength and flexibility.

I found out too that I don't have eat what I don't like so that is good news. There are probably about 50 products (food) to choose from.My favorites are Cinnamon apple oatmeal, hot chocolate, chocolate decadence bars, and the vanilla wafers. I went for my first meal out and had a diet coke and didn't feel too awkward. They didn't know I couldn't eat real food. Tomorrow is my family reunion/bbq at my sister's house. I will be bringing my own product food to eat.

Yesterday we went to Carol's house. Some of my family noticed that I did not eat and I told a couple of sister in laws what I was doing. I wasn't hungry but I was a little teased by some of the sweets as well as the corn on the cob(one of my favorite things to eat in the summer)

We had a nice time in spite of the 85+ heat and little breeze in her backyard. Steve ate and then stayed inside the rest of the afternoon. I drank over a half gallon of water and soda just to stay hydrated. Heidi and Adam were the only young ones there because Brian and Ana are grownups now and have their own life. Mike and Sue brought Livia who was their exchange student 3 years ago. She is lovelier than ever and attending two colleges and working at her home in Brazil.

Sunday was a cloudy and warm day-we spent it inside. I did not sleep well last night so I did not get up again until 11:00 which to me seemed that I wasted half the day. We are going to watch new episodes of Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives tonight and we are all very sad to see the end of Season Three of Chuck. We just have to wait until fall to see season 4.

The upcoming week looks like it might be busy--something scheduled for every day but Friday and an all day crop on Saturday. But busy is good--distracts from food.

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