Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter wonderland??

JYC 2010

Yesterday was December 1. Yesterday was our first snowfall. A lovely 5.5 inches of heavy wet lake effect snow. It kept coming all day and made roads extremely slippery. That means I did not go to the retiree breakfast in Standale and it meant I did not go anywhere! That's what I don't like about winter. The snow's beauty and the idea that nature is sleeping and resting up for spring is all about hope. Here it is very cloudy in the winter even if it is not snowing. Combine that with cabin fever and isolation is a recipe for depression. I am going to attempt to change that this winter. I am going to catch up on projects, start writing on a daily basis and get a handle on my stuff and housework.

I have lived where there is no snow and my heart yearned for the change of seasons. In spite of the hardships, winter is important for our states tourist business and for families to spend more time together.


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