Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 1 JYC

The winter weather--I have very mixed feeling about winter weather. On one hand I hate the cold and the snow and the terrible driving but on the other hand, snow is very beautiful. I love the way it covers up the landscape making everything white. Winters as a child were magical, we lived on the other side of the state and really did not get that much snow. When it did, we loved to play in it, sled (not too many hills though) and throw snowballs. After college, I spent two winters in Hawaii, where I learned that 40 degrees and rainy in a non heated house, could be very cold and damp. But I missed the seasons changing like they do in the Michigan. Since living the last 30+ years on the west side of the state where we get this lovely phenomenon called lake effect snow, I have learned a lot about the sparkly white stuff. Sometimes it is snowing like crazy just 10 miles away, sometimes we get dumped on with inches and inches of heavy wet snow which is difficult to remove and difficult to keep from getting very icy.

Today, December 1, it snowed for the very time this season. This is much later than we usually have snow (another sign of global warming perhaps). We had 5.5 inches of heavy, wet snow that caused a lot of slide offs and accidents. I had to cancel my trip to my monthly breakfast because it was too bad for me to drive. I hate that part of the snowy wintry weather. However, I will tolerate it because I live here and I need the changing seasons. I just need to deal with it better.

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