Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3rd

Wow. I got my Christmas present a few minutes ago--the cute little die cutter from Tim Holtz and Steve:) I am waiting until he comes home to actually open the suitcase box. I am excited to use it soon.

Today's prompt at JYC 2010 is about greeting cards at Christmas. We hardly get any anymore--a couple from family and friends we don't see much and the ones from businesses (I throw those away.) I have not sent cards for many years--no particular reason. Those days of long lists, addressing cards and stamping envelopes are in my past. I remember sitting at the kitchen table at 4750 Helen, helping mom with the cards. She had beautiful handwriting so we often were regulated to stamping and sorting. There would probably be about 100 of them. I think nowadays, people do not send cards because of the electronic age, the fact that friendships and families have been reduced in numbers and the cost. We also want to see that our work was appreciated and a card just doesn't do it. What do you do with old cards?? I think I still have a box or two to dispose of now.

I made 6 cards at the last crop I went to at Jolenes. After spending over an hour, almost 2 to make a single card--and not even knowing who to send them too--I decided that making cards really wasn't my thing! However, as I am going through old cards before I discard them--I feel a little sense of loss. Getting snail mail is always fun and seeing what cards appealed to people was always interesting.

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