Thursday, December 9, 2010

Traditions Dec 9

Traditions meant a lot to me when I was younger. As a child our family always visited the Ford Rotunda's Christmas display, had Christmas Eve with my dad's family and spent Christmas Day with my mom's family. I remember looking forward to all these traditions and anticipating Christmas morning so much.

As the family grew and children made their own lives, the big family celebrations began to ebb away. I don't even remember the last time I spent any time at Christmas with my mom or dad's families. When we were first married and engaged, our Christmas Days were spent at the in-laws in Kentwood. These were pretty chaotic and crazy events with too many gifts and too much commotion. Now Steve's parents are usually gone over the holidays so we don't see anyone in his family. Our little family has a couple of traditions for Christmas Eve. We spend some time at a local museum or at the Meijer Gardens. Steve makes spaghetti bake for dinner and we have that with garlic bread, sparkling juice and salad. After, we open our family gifts. Last year Heidi still did not want to give up Santa Claus gifts on Christmas morning so she saved some out to open the next day. We have attempted occasionally to go to church that night, but finding the services very crowded we usually do not try anymore.

I wish my Christmas season was filled with much more celebration and events.
Right now as I write this on Sunday morning, Heidi, Steve and the cats are all sleeping and I am feeling very alone.

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